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We are all accountable for the experience we create.

We bring intent and compassion to you each day and class.

Your inner conversations become your reality “

-Master TJ Curry



Your inner conversations become your reality. That’s how Master TJ Curry the co-owner of Precision Taekwondo was able to obtain his childhood goal of being 3x national champion and multiple time USA Taekwondo national team member. In 2012 he became the Olympic alternate for the London Olympic Games.

Master Curry brings over 26 years of experience to his classes and athletes. Precision Taekwondo doors opened in 2016 in Oakland CA and now has relocated in San Carlos, where he has been sharing his passion for the art of Taekwondo with world class athletes and with anyone who is looking to get fit.

Master Curry's



2016 President’s Cup (Light): GOLD


2015 U.S Open (Light): GOLD

2015 U.S National Team Trials (Light): GOLD


2014 Pan Am Open (Light): BRONZE

2014 U.S National Team Trials (Welter): SILVER

2014 U.S National Championships (Light): GOLD

2014 World Cup Team

2013 Taipei Open (Welter): GOLD


2013 Russia Open (Welter): BRONZE

2013 Pan Am Championships (Welter): BRONZE

2013 U.S National Championships (Welter): GOLD

2013 World Cup Team: Quarterfinals


2012 Olympic Alternate

2011 Olympic Trials (Light/Welter): GOLD

2011 Chuncheon Open (Welter): GOLD


2011 Pan Am Games (Welter): Quarterfinals


2011 Pam Am Games Team Member (Light/Welter)

2011 Pan Am Games Qualifier (Light/Welter): Qualified

2011 U.S National Team Trials (Light): SILVER


2010 Olympic Team Trials 1 (Light/Welter): SILVER

2010 Pan Am Games Team Trials (Light/Welter): GOLD

2010 U.S National Championships (Light): GOLD

2010 U.S National Qualifier: GOLD

2010 International Taekwondo Festival: GOLD


2003 Junior National Team Member

"Fuel your happiness through self-love and fitness"

-Kim Tusing


Kim started taekwondo at the age of 7 at World Taekwondo Center. She competed in international tournaments in events like US Open and is a multiple national medalist. Kim brings the Filipino culture into the gym by treating everyone like family. Though she doesn't compete anymore, she still brings that "fighter" intent in everyday life. Fighting to be 100% genuinely herself through self-love and fitness. 

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